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As you might gather, I have a keen interest in the proper application of laws which appear to fall far short of the proper application of justice.
Even more dangerous are the assumptions of many, myself included, that we do not have the moral courage to do what it takes to make things right. 

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that, if a foreign invasion force were to breach the shores of the Unites States of America, not only would our military repel any such force, but if unsuccessful, every able-bodied man, women, and child would arm themselves with whatever weapons at hand and flood the streets and battlefields in a rebellion of untold proportions. There would be no giving quarters or considerations to those coming to kill us. We have done so before. This is not a likely scenario since, at present, we are strong and armed, and the world knows that we have the necessary moral courage to oppose any such overt action.

Unless, of course, we give it away.

Then, there would be no fight, there would be no civil insurrection since it would be our own government enforcing the 'infractions or perceived violations of rules, of regulations or prescribed behaviors.' Could that happen?


Our Challenges

More on this later.

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A detailed background is listed on one of my other websites Nine years in law enforcement (six with a PD and three as an armed State Humane Officer) has given me the sense that the most powerful people in this country are those who believe in right and wrong and act to protect those who cannot. That could be everyone of us, of course.
Protect the innocent, the vulnerable, our children and our elderly, animals and the environment and, I believe, superimportant, do something effective with all those sociopaths and psychopaths who have no empathy for anyone or anything other than themselves.


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