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Do you carry a concealed weapon?
Do you Open-Carry?             


No. I am not referring to all the ego-manic punks and thugs with a total lack of empathy for others, the gang-bangers and evil-doers whose only control over the world's inhabitants comes from the muzzle of a gun or from the point of a knife, those whose insidious craving for methamphetamine (crystalline hydrochloride), crack, or any of these other mind-destroying drugs leads them to never-ending armed robberies, murder or some other daily assaults on the innocents. Everyone knows those lost souls carry the weapons they think they need and that they have no regard for any concept that tells them that they are doing so illegally and for nefarious purposes. They just don't care and no anti-gun law will worry them or prevent them doing exactly as they see fit.

This is addressed to the millions of decent, law-abiding citizens who feel the overwhelming need to defend themselves, their families and others against the seemingly endless criminals who wish to hurt them or even kill them. This is addressed to the millions in this country who carry a gun legally, as police officers do. It's called SELF-DEFENSE and even our illustrious Supreme Court has recently acknowledged that Americans have the Second Amendment right to own weapons for that purpose.

Have you ever wondered why governments are typically so opposed to such a right? It's basically very simple, of course. Totalitarian governments have a hard time imposing their will on an armed populace. It's just too much trouble and downright dangerous to legislators and governing authorities. Is it surprising, therefore, that the District of Columbia has such anti-gun attitudes? Isn't that where all our national legislators may have legitimate concerns and fears revolving around their safety? They even have their own police force to protect them with the motto “You elect them, we protect them.”

This is America, however, not some European enclave. Those with any discerning mental processes have long ago recognized the fact that if you forbid law-abiding citizens to own or carry guns, only the criminals, who could not care less about the fine points of the law, will carry them, leaving all others vulnerable to their vicious and killing antics.

So you carry a gun for self-defense purposes in accordance with your state laws, open or concealed. You probably also hope with all sincerity that you shall never have to use it. But if it happens, are you ready?

Your FIRST defense will be the physical act of bringing your gun into play. You may kill your assailant in an act of justifiable homicide. Have you prepared yourself sufficiently to win that battle?

Your SECOND defense will have to be dealing with the American Justice System. Do you know what to do or what to expect? Again, are you ready? Police, State Attorneys, Judges, Jails, Juries, Defense Attorneys, criminal and civil prosecution . . . along with all the relatives of the attacker who now want YOUR hide? This is, by far, the more dangerous of the two, what with political and personal agendas in play by all of the participants in the criminal justice system, not the least of which being the 'jury of your peers,' a misnomer at best.

Do You Worry About that Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting? YOU SHOULD!

But you don't want to have to go it alone!!!


Network Members do not face the legal system alone.

Many others share your concerns. Like-minded armed citizens all across the nation are joining together as members of the newly-formed Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, LLC (the Network), to protect their legal rights if ever they are compelled to use deadly force in self-defense.

The Network’s goal is to prevent miscarriages of justice through—

Educating members about the legalities of using deadly force for self-defense and how to interact with the criminal justice system after a shooting.
Creating a nationwide network of attorneys and legal experts which the member can draw upon in the event of a self-defense shooting.
Granting financial assistance from a separate non-profit foundation to members who are facing unmeritorious prosecution or civil action after a self-defense incident.

If you possess a gun for defense of yourself and your family, (this author) urges you to seriously consider joining the Network. Preparation to survive the second attack—the legal aftermath of a justifiable defense shooting—is a vital element in your defense preparations.

Ignore it at your own peril.


Network members (only) receive a set of educational DVDs featuring leading instructors and legal experts teaching:

The legal parameters of use of deadly force for self-defense.
• Handling the aftermath of a shooting.
• Post shooting legal concerns.

Network members are encouraged to pursue continuing education through national and regional Network training conferences (inaugural conference scheduled for 2009).

COMMENT: These three DVDs are worth their weight in gold, particularly if you are wondering what happens if you used your weapon in self-defense. To my readers who are very well aware of my not so favorable view of defense attorneys and the judicial system in general (see the details in my recent crime novel Phantom Justice), please keep in mind that the system itself has little experience in exonerating the truly innocent as a self-defense shooting indicates. Thus, a wholly different defense strategy is needed and the Armed Citizens Network fully understands its implications.

ALERT: If you are an attorney anywhere in the United States and may want to participate in this worthwhile and growing effort, please contact Marty Hayes or the persons listed below and explore the possibilities and educational opportunities.

You may reach the Network by telephone at 360-978-5200 from 8 to 4 Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time, or by email at

Individual Network leaders may be reached by email:

President Marty Hayes

Vice-President J. Vincent Shuck

Operations Manager Gila Hayes

The Network strives to reply promptly to each email. If you email us and do not received an answer within 2-3 days, please check your spam filters, then resend the email or telephone us.

or send us standard mail at

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, LLC, P. O. Box 400, Onalaska, WA 98570

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