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Law vs. Justice
Justice Denied
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Phantom Justice
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In cities nationwide, some of the worst criminals are violently executed . . . shot, stabbed, strangled, and poisoned, but law-enforcement agencies have not connected these crimes. The typical response is a sigh of relief when these sociopaths and psychopaths, the pedophiles and the cop-killers are sent to the gates of hell where everyone agrees they belong.

A Boston Homicide detective reaches out to his brother, an FBI agent in Baltimore. A small FBI task force, headed by Carmen Isabella d'Aragon, soon discovers the shadowy truth: hundreds of psychopathic killers have been executed over the years and, time and time again, no clues have been left behind or have been totally misleading.

Carmen becomes the target of a serial killer. Will she survive the encounter . . . or will an executioner intervene on her behalf? And why does U.S. President Bradford declare this matter 'top secret' and rules against a larger task force?


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