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Phantom Justice
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Fiat justitia, ruat coelum

 Phantom Justice

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a Crime/Mystery/Suspense novel
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Knowing its contents, I can see the headlines now.

Secret executions of serial killers taunt local PDs and FBI nationwide.
With the public unaware, are vigilantes at work for over a decade? 

. . .  The Outer Limits, that's cute. I bet Sylvia, claiming to be a good mother, thought she was in an episode of that show from long ago when the knife came at her. I really had not choice there either. I just stuck the knife straight through her throat, she gurgled a bit and that was that. . . .
. . .  This time, they would sit and talk long into the night and then they would make love, slowly and happily. After all, there had been no man in the house for over a year. . . .

* * * * *

The high-velocity round entered the back of his head, and in a thousand's of a second, bored its way though his brain like an angry hornet, disintegrating as it went. Bobby's face ceased to exist as half of it was literally blown away in a mist of red which blossomed in a flash and halo around him. The remnants of the bullet, along with various bone fragments, hit the door, spent and without much force. Bobby had knocked on the door, after all, softly at that. 


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HEADLINE: Homeland Security denies reports of IED on Oklahoma highway. "Massive explosion, which killed one unidentified male, not terrorist related," a DHS spokesman declared. 

C-CAH (1163-Oregon Youth Authority)
Transcript of recorded conversation (Tape destroyed), Date and Identities withheld.
Location: From Corvallis, Oregon Hwy 20E to near Blue Lake Crater
Logged: 0712061435LZ

“Call me James.” The speaker looked to be in his early seventies with a full white beard, wispy head hair and a friendly smile. With a bit of fixing, he could have passed for a 5'7” Santa Claus.

“Okay, then I'm Fred.” About thirty years younger, this speaker could have passed for a 6'2” lumberjack and would be considered by anyone to be perfectly at home in the Oregon woods.

“Thanks for taking the time.” Fred began.

“You know that's mandatory when reservations pop up. But I really don't mind. And you do have reservations, right? And if I had to guess I would say it's the age of the subject, let's call him Julius, that must be bothering you.” James pursed his lips and considered the frown on Fred's face. 'An attack of conscience, if he had to guess, and that was a good thing.'


“Three kids dead and he gets out after five years?” Fred shook his head.

“Yeah,” James said, “and it gets worse.

“In the three years and eight months, he has been in this facility, there have been five 'accidents' resulting in death, an unprecedented rate of mortality for this institution.


“What makes this entire matter so imminently urgent is that the kid will be released in seven months when he reaches the age of eighteen. He has grown much smarter and exponentially more manipulative and dangerous, as the report indicates, and once he is out, heaven help us all, it is my belief that another serial killer will be on the loose.


Fred said: “I think you have filled in the details for which I was fishing. You will know, of course, in due time what will or has happened.”


The men shook hands and James found his way back to his car and drove off. After a mile or so, he stopped and re-attached his license plate.


FINANCIAL NEWS:  Privately held TelSatCom (CO) closes multi-billion $ deal with Pentagon. Sale of shared satellite technology improves military ability to track hostile forces overseas. Unconfirmed market rumors hint of IPO offering.
HEADLINE (FNC): US Congress challenges new DHS domestic spy satellite program, fears privacy invasions of US citizens.

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