Law and Justice


Moral Cowardice in the Face of Evil 

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"DefCon3" is a book to be published sometime at the end of 2008. It contains various discourses on the nature of evil, opinions and observations about the world around us - including excerpts from an interview with Perris Hilarious and the sad tale of Anna Nicole What'sHerName. 

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Liberty Bell

It has been said that writing can be considered an act of rebellion. I believe that, under the very freedoms documented in the Constitution and its Amendments, I can feel free to think what I like and to speak what I think with no one even vaguely attempting to inhibit such activities other than to debate whether or not I have really said anything worthwhile.

Having been born elsewhere, that's probably a lot more significant to me than the eventual readers. Unless a reader has also experienced the inhibitions of foreign mores, the entire statement may be self-evident. Lucky you - and me.

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