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Justice Denied
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 Justice Denied

While we are a nation of laws and the separation of church and state assures that witch hunts are conducted in our courts in the bright light of public attention, there is hardly anyone who would deny that justice is a very elusive element and is seldom found in the annals of our court records. Justice is not only blind but can also be deaf and dumb as concerns the victims of vicious violent crimes. We have come to view the criminals as poor disadvantaged persons deprived of early child-hood positive experiences and we have invented new mental diseases to excuse them. The alphabet soup of these “diseases,” commonly referred to as the “Twinkie Defenses,” grow every day and defense attorneys, however hated by the law-enforcement communities, are among the most innovative and very best and brightest of the legal community and inventive in the extreme when using such defenses.

It should all be a matter of checks and balances and we do have the best legal system in the world, however faulty at times. But what about a justice that allows Charles Manson to continue living, a justice which releases a pedophile who had abused a small girl and hacked off her arms while she was alive? Why are such “people” still living, allowed to walk the same ground as their victims and potentially exposing more innocents to their “crazy” behavior? Have we become so weak and inconsequential in our punishment of those vicious criminals that we are willing to take chances in the name of humanity and the hope that we can rehabilitate these “non-humans”? Department of Corrections? Whom are we kidding?

We are sticking the worst of the worst of these criminals into maximum security prisons where they associate with others into gangs and continue to be a threat, not only to themselves but also to the guards trying to keep them behind bars for our sake. There they await either a parole board's release or some moronic governor commuting the sentences of death-row inmates or, if in it for the long haul, life without parole, a continued education in criminal behavior and a continued threat to society.

Prisons are at a premium and we seem not to be able to built enough of them, fast enough, to keep pace with the ever increasing number of criminals being incarcerated. Where is this going? When will the breaking point be reached? There are numerous “Protection Groups,” including the 'no death penalty fanatics,' which seek to shield criminals and pedophiles from the wrath of the public, no matter how vicious the crimes. I am all in favor of a fair judicial process and system but what about the most heinous of crimes, the most vicious of criminals and the warehousing of such individuals? We all struggle to stem the tide of vicious crimes with inadequate number of police officers and a slew of Federal Judges trying to make a name for themselves by letting the worst of the worst make deals to preserve their lives. Are you and your children safe in your homes?

September 2004: A bill dubbed by critics as the "Pedophile Protection Act" is on the desk of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger after passing both chambers of the California Legislature.” Passed by both chambers? What are we doing?

I would favor a new layer of laws for the benefit of all victims who have been murdered, maimed and in the case of children, abused and murdered. Let's have a “Crimes Against Humanity” statute, which makes these worst of the worst criminals no longer members of the human race since we should not allow them to be among us, either in open society or the pits of hell called prisons. We should acknowledge that we cannot afford such non-humans who care not one iota about anyone, other than themselves, to continue to be a threat to all and to remain among us.

Remember the Nuremberg Trials? An attempt was made to hold some of these worst criminals accountable for crimes against humanity; some of those found guilty were hanged, in short order. But these days, the world seems to favor courts to act like the International Courts at the Hague, where criminals seem to die from old age or disease before anyone can agree on the evil which was committed. Should we really import such inadequacies or really care about Europeans' opinions?

Evil cannot be appeased. Nothing is gained by attempting to make a deal with the devil in us or among us since evil will simply put on the face we wish it to have, then swallow us and spit out the rest. Evil must be confronted by each and everyone of us, if by no other means than our loud objections. We all know what happens when so-called “good men” do nothing. One cannot learn from past evils, one can only bring forth goodness through courage and integrity, a willingness to be counted with whatever decency we can muster.

What are we doing to our children by compromising with evil and failing to set a standard of justice? We sent them to schools where they are introduced to lying, stealing, mayhem and even murder. Then we blame the schools and teachers for failing to stop it but when they try, we condemn them since, by their actions, they may expose the lousy job parents have done teaching decency and morals to their kids. “My Suzie could not have done that,” or “He is a good boy and would not do that.” It may be true but, among the many good kids, we are raising a sufficient number of evil-doers to fill, before all too long, another set of prisons yet to be built.

There is no deterrent to evil. These “Crimes Against Humanity” are performed by serial killers, gang bangers who ravish and murder, serial pedophiles, men and women who through their horrific actions demonstrate their total disregard for humanity unless their own lives are at risk. Then they may claim a dysfunctional childhood or abuse, temporary insanity, or being high on alcohol, PCP or some other mind-altering drug. This has to stop! But how?

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