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When the Rule of Law
makes a mockery of Justice,
it is time to depose the King.
We are a Nation of Laws, not of Men, which is a good thing but these days it seems we are not seriously considering Law and Justice being congruent as much as Law versus Justice, indeed, opposing forces. Why is that? Should justice not be adequately reflected in our laws? Superimposed, if you will. Do you think it is? Have you asked the victims?
Can vigilantism to achieve justice ever be warranted on a national basis? It can be said that there is a basic minimum of individual rights of its citizens that States must protect if their subjects are to owe the State obedience to law. What if, however, our 'Nation of Laws' miserably fails to administer justice in the name of law, making a mockery of our judicial systems and making the victims of crime simple collateral damage? Might this foster an organized effort by citizens to balance the scales?


Phantom Justice
A Crime/Mystery/Suspense Novel
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Statement of Purpose:
We are seeking a new, additional, definition for Crimes against Humanity. Whereby a person has proven to be a sociopathic or psychopathic killer of others against all mores of the public or individual welfare, we cannot afford to let such strain of humans survive, continuing to wreak their havoc among a peace-loving people. It seems that the very reasons claimed to cause their unrelenting crimes against humanity are, in present circumstances, used as excuses as to why these crimes are committed and for those reasons, we must feel sorry for them and/or permit them to use such arguments in our courts of law. We do not agree. The decease of such organisms must be eradicated as a virus infecting the host.

A Case Against Killer Tolerance
Used with permission of authors / Names withheld on request.

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 Surrender to Silence

Once upon a time, there was much talk within our lands about a group of people called the “Silent Majority.” Disingenuously, many politicians claimed that these folks were solidly behind them and many arguments ensued since, after all, unlike the politicians, they were presumed to be silent. When was the last time than any of us ever assumed that an American either had no opinion or would keep that opinion to themselves? Could it be that the majority was not silent at all? That just the politicians were not listening?

Admittedly, many of us are engaged in a daily struggle to survive and do well and, at times, we do remain silent when we listen to some of the nonsense coming across on our plasma screens or newspapers. With the explosion of the Internet, however, it appears obvious that Americans have many opinions and are anything but silent. Maybe it is now time to move on to this non-silent majority and evaluate what is, or is not, being said. Our First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech, but reviewing some of these radical blogs and ignorant meandering using words, perhaps silence would be a virtue in some cases.

Just the same, encouragement should be given to all who wish to express their thoughts. I would rather see idiots spouting their words in order to know who they are than have them hidden within the fabric of our society, doing their destructive evil silently. It's really great, this freedom afforded no one else in the rest of the world, but we must engage and, to this end, every one of us should make their voices heard, regardless of judgment by others.

Of the people, by the people, for the people . . . we all know that refrain but it is more and more becoming obvious that life in the United States is becoming more complex, more complicated and, perhaps you may say, more sophisticated. To achieve some of our common purposes, we do give up some of our convenient rights and I need only mention privacy to make that point. Having now stated the obvious, I wonder what else we may be willing to surrender to the state in order to fulfill our yearning for liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Can we afford to remain a silent majority? In that case, you.

  • * * * * * Surrender your mental ability to make your own decisions with regard to politics, law and an assortment of issues that may or may not affect us. Let's follow the most persuasive arguments politicians can make and if it does not reflect our personal views, so what. We can't fight them so we need to join them somewhere.

  • * * * * * Surrender your guns to the State and give credence to those lawmakers who think that taking guns out of the hands of the public at large will reduce crime. After all, it makes lots of sense to take guns away from all law-abiding citizens so that only the criminals will be armed. And we will not have to worry about the civil rights of criminals to carry guns since they don't care anyway.

    * * * * * Surrender cops who injure or kill vicious criminals to the legal machinery with the option of prosecuting them to the fullest in accordance with applicable laws. It makes sense to go after those police officers who are supposed to protect the non-criminals by doing their jobs. If it is necessary to make deals with, or give immunity to, the criminals, let's do that because we must protect the civil rights of the criminals at all costs. Never mind the cops.



  • * * * * * Surrender our sense of justice to those in charge of such matters: lawyers-particularly defense attorneys-, judges who will tell you that they are infallible in delivering justice, and district attorneys who will make a deal with any criminal to clear their dockets and accumulate another 'win' on their record. Besides, they can afford to ignore the victims for the most part since the latter are not a part of their mandate to deliver 'justice' for all.


  • * * * * * Surrender your kids to pre-school (ages 2-4). This gets them out of your hair and we no longer believe that a child should have an undisturbed childhood. 'Let kids be kids' is an antiquated concept and we need to get them out of the safety of their home as soon as possible to compete in this world and start encountering the ups and downs, the ugliness and the beauty of this madhouse of a world. Let them compete as they may be able and kill each other at an earlier age.


  • * * * * * Surrender your teenagers to learned behavior of early sex, having children of their own, getting into drugs and other self-destructing practices. That's the world and we should not assert that our kids are so special that they can avoid the pitfalls. Let the teachers and school authorities make the decisions about your child. They are known to be a bastion of correct behavior and will surely guide your child to his/her eventual destination. No need to get involved. Thank you, Dr. Spock.



  • * * * * * Surrender Southern California to our 'friends' to the South, rename it Mexifornia and require that the few remaining English speakers learn Spanish within a year. After all, Mexico has been after that particular real estate for centuries. This will also enable corrupt Mexican officials to expand their practices beyond the shores of Coronado.



  • * * * * * Surrender Northern California to the broad-minded Woodstock folks of San Francisco, rename it Gayfornia (as in 'when hearts were young and gay'), and when California finally drops off into the ocean as predicted, or when California secedes from the Union, whichever comes first, we no longer will need to deal with the particular brand of governmental law-breakers these people keep re-electing. Those folks in Southern or Northern California still sane enough to make a wise decision prior to the newly formed governmental entities will be allowed to escape into neighboring states within the first year. After that, they should be on their own.



  • * * * * * Surrender our individual voices to those who govern us by proxy. We elected them and it is not our doing that the phrase 'By the people' actually means being governed 'By the people with enough millions in their pockets to get elected.' We do not elect brilliant poor people, do we?

    * * * * * Surrender the notion that it is okay to call famous Americans 'traitors' just because they consort with the enemy and assist them with their plots to destroy the USA and the American way of life. Never mind that they travel all over the world, denouncing America while claiming their rights under the First Amendment. They are courageous heroes who get paid for their performances and thereby satisfy their narcissistic obsessions. And let's make sure we pass on to our young ones that it's also okay to use as role models those famous performers who expose themselves without shame, use drugs and alcohol without end, maybe even go to jail and neglect their children. They are people as you and I and should be admired for letting it all hang out. Perhaps they had ADD in their childhood and we should feel sorry for them.



  • * * * * * Surrender to the claimed observation that only whites can be racists. You have never observed people of minority races behave in an inappropriate racist manner, taking out their fury by beating white folks to a pulp or marching on authorities because one of their own, having committed a crime, was arrested. In such cases you can be sure that the minority criminal had a solid reason to commit the evil deed and cannot be held responsible. Only whites can be racists and you would not want to accuse the Seattle Public School system to be wrong on that since some very learned professors there have made this astute proclamation.

    * * * * * Surrender the idea that radical Islamists just want to kill us all in order to propagate Islamic religion throughout the world. That's just propaganda similar to the once glorious Germany wanting to govern the entire world for a thousand years. They're not serious and if you say otherwise, you must be a muslim-hater. Why else would you voice a concern? These poor people in their respective countries obviously do not work and your assertion that they are continually destroying any potential businesses by blowing them up is not sufficient justification to belittle them. With their lack of education, there is really nothing much else to do and none of them could even qualify to work in any kind of burger joint. It's a one time deal: go there and blow it up. It's not their fault. It's probably brought on by Americans continually meddling in their affairs by giving them money and trying to make their lives better. You know, the 'Jane Fonda' acclamation?

There are certainly thousands more of these items you surrender as a member of the silent majority. Your governing authorities will happily quote you in your silence and readily assume that your apathy is, in fact, your consent to be governed in whatever manner they decide. On the other hand, you could voice your opinion-whatever it may be-in truly American fashion which, at its heart, has the concept so aptly quoted by John Bolton in the title of his book:

Surrender Is Not An Option.”

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